On 5th July at RBH’s Drake Street offices, Rochdale Stronger Together (RST) held a workshop call “Spending FOR Rochdale People WITH Rochdale People”. The workshop, facilitated by STAR Procurement (RST Partner and shared procurement service for Stockport, Trafford and Rochdale local authorities) was attended by directors and senior managers from the leading health, leisure, housing and education institutions across the Borough.

In the workshop the following key areas were explored:

  • How well did Anchors currently understand their own spend?
  • What were the challenges to spending more locally?
  • Who could be engaged to try and help unblock some of the challenges?
  • What should the priorities be going forward?

It was an excellent opportunity to learn about how to better understand your local economy as well as share some of the best practice which some partners are already well advanced at implementing.

Findings and priorities will be presented to the next formal Anchor meeting, on 19th July, where senior Anchor leaders will meet to review progress and set new objectives for continuing to move Rochdale Stronger Together forward.

Spending WITH Rochdale People FOR Rochdale People

2 thoughts on “Spending FOR Rochdale People WITH Rochdale People

  1. Thanks for both emails/updates, Edward – sounds like excellent progress to me.

    Kind regards Jan

  2. It was fascinating for me as director of a small voluntary organisation to learn more about the processes currently adopted by anchors and the analysis already beginning to take place. And to find that word of Stronger Together has already reached some of Link4Life’s contractors!

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