On 22nd November, Hopwood Hall College organised the Shape the Future of Skills in Rochdale event at their Middleton Campus.  Attended by the Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Mayor, Liz McInnes & Tony Lloyd, the Borough’s MPs as well as a wide selection of local businesses and organisations, it covered recent research and initiatives to better understand and deliver apprenticeships and technical training across Rochdale Borough. The College invited businesses to co-produce training and education to better shape the future skills across the Borough.

Having a local workforce with high skills and in the right sectors is extremely important if Rochdale Borough is to build a strong and vibrant local economy; one that creates and shares community wealth.

What will you be doing to Shape the Future of Skills in Rochdale?


Read more about it here….. Andy Burnham praises Hopwood Hall College and employers’ skills reforms

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham at Hopwood Hall College


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