As an anchor institution in Rochdale Borough, RBH believes it has a role to play in the functioning of the economy and tackling of social issues in its neighbourhoods.  This is even more important for RBH because it is a Community Benefit Society. This means its core purpose is to serve the broader interests of the community.  Below RBH explains its bold new strategy for delivering this Social Value:

 “Earlier this year, we introduced our new Social Value Strategy which sets out our approach to embedding social value across all levels of our work to create this wider impact.

“Social value is the effect an organisation’s actions have on the economic, social and physical wellbeing of people and communities. It is the wider benefit to society that we can create through the way that we make decisions, deliver services, purchase goods and work in partnership.

“We have chosen to focus our approach to driving social value on creating community wealth, on the basis that by growing local skills, employment and supply chains we will contribute to the overall prosperity of the Borough and its people.

“The strategy focuses on how we will begin this journey by:

  •  Embedding social value in everything that we do, our values and voice,
  • Increasing our local supply chains to support local economic growth,
  • Creating opportunity for local skills and employment,
  • Reducing our ‘Negative Impact’ in the Environment,
  • Working to influence others to follow our lead.”

This is RBH’s first social value strategy and it will be looking to use the opportunity to learn about what works and then to evolve its approach.

You can read the summary document of the RBH Social Value Strategy on the RBH website at

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