Rochdale Stronger Together partners met on 26th November at Rochdale Infirmary.  The third meeting for 2018, was no exception in that it was packed with reports on progress made and decisions on how to continue building a good local economy across Rochdale Borough.

Key highlights:

  • Alliance Manchester Business School identifies opportunities for Rochdale based suppliers as their research uncovers £323 million of goods and services currently being imported into the Borough.
  • Hopwood Hall bringing businesses and organisations together to Shape the Future of Skills in Rochdale,
  • Rochdale Stronger Together becomes a permanent partnership as key partners agree formal governance arrangements and Hopwood Hall students design its future look,
  • Rochdale Borough Council & STAR Procurement increase the Council’s local spend by 11%; leading to an extra £13.3 million being spent with local suppliers,
  • Northern Care Alliance & Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG continue to transform the way health and social care is delivered across the Borough bringing with it new opportunities for Rochdale’s local economy.

For a full round-up on the meeting check out the full meeting summary here:

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