Rochdale Stronger Together (RST) has secured its second consecutive Alliance Manchester Business School MBA Not for Profit project which kicked off last Thursday, 5th September. Link to last year’s project.

Powering this exciting and pioneering opportunity for the Borough is a highly experienced international MBA student team spanning from UK, Brunei, Japan, India, to Myanmar. Paul Ferry, their supervisor, additionally brings a tremendous amount of public and private sector experience with him.

The REAL Social Value for Rochdale project will run until 7th November (final presentation) and will build on the work of Rochdale Stronger Together’s (RST) Buy Local Workstream by creating a business model to act as a social value broker.

This means a streamlined process that develops social value packages for inclusion in contracts to comply with the Social Value Act 2012, in spirit not just in words, and will make it easier for suppliers and public institutions to deliver social value in Rochdale that has maximum, lasting impact.

Social Value Packages will:

  • Be specifically relevant to Rochdale Borough’s needs,  
  • Be informed by partners’ priorities for delivering social value, 
  • Be designed to be included in contracts in your procurement pipelines,
  • Complement each other – on the basis collectively we can achieve more.

Project team members will be visiting Rochdale throughout the project to work closely with local people and organisations.

To get in to contact or find out more information please: CLICK HERE

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