Placing decision making at the heart of Rochdale’s communities is a key objective of Rochdale Stronger Together – that’s because local decision are usually more effective at solving local problems.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is looking to do just that with its review of how Buses should be run across Greater Manchester and so now they are asking for your views to help find local solutions to local problems.

In Rochdale Borough many people are heavily reliant on buses to get from A to B and with a drive to tackle climate change and reduce the use of private vehicles, this need should be increasing. But GMCA have found that bus use is actually falling!!!

This consultation is all about trying to fix that…

The consultation is about how buses in Greater Manchester should be run in the future and whether a proposed franchising scheme should be introduced. The consultation questions are about how the proposed bus franchising would work in practice.

You can take part in the consultation in various ways. You can chose to:

  • Complete the short questionnaire,
  • Complete the long questionnaire, or
  • You can even send an email or letter with your comments instead.

Links to consultation web pages and questionnaires are below:

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) will be holding a public drop-in event at Middleton Library, St, Middleton, Manchester M24 6DU on 5th December from 11am to 2pm. You can pop in any time to discuss or ask questions about the consultation.

Make sure Rochdale Borough’s voice is heard and have your say!

One thought on “Doing Buses Differently – Have your say! DEADLINE 8th January.

  1. Heywood needs a metro, increased and quicker direct bus like the old 167 or a train link it is very poorly represented for public transport

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