In addition to Anchors adjusting their ways of working to make them more accessible to local suppliers, a key part of Stronger Together is communities working to support co-operatives, social enterprises and other community businesses to step up to the challenge of becoming well-established local suppliers of goods and services.

Every product or service made in Rochdale means more pounds in the local economy.  It also leads to jobs and skills creation – ultimately offering the Borough’s community livelihoods from which they and the Borough can go from strength to strength.

What if we ran it ourselvesWhat if we ran it ourselves?” (see link below) is a great report written in 2015 which seeks to establish the scale of community business across the UK.  However the report goes much further and posits a definition of community business, establishes key characteristics of community businesses and goes as far as established a framework for understanding how a community business set ups and grows.  In particular the report seeks to map the support needs of community businesses at each stage of their life, identifying where there is existing support and where there are gaps.

What if we ran it ourselves? Getting the measure of Britain’s emerging
community business sector – Social Finance, Adam Swersky & James Plunkett – January 2015

The report therefore offers useful advice and points to what measures Rochdale Stronger Together might consider offering community businesses in Rochdale Borough.