Rochdale Jobs : Rochdale People

Last Tuesday, directors and managers from Rochdale's Anchor institutions gathered at RBH's Drake Street Offices to hold a workshop: "Rochdale Jobs: Rochdale People".  Health, leisure, education, local government and housing Anchors were all present. As the title suggests, the aim of the workshop was to explore what actions Borough Anchors could take to increase opportunities … Continue reading Rochdale Jobs : Rochdale People

Rochdale’s Anchors Working Together for a Good Local Economy

Leaders from Rochdale's Anchor institution met on 6th March this year at the Unique Enterprise Mill.  Health, leisure, education, housing as well as fire and rescue were represented. Anchors had previously met five months earlier and so there was plenty to catch up on what good work Anchors had been doing to create "a good … Continue reading Rochdale’s Anchors Working Together for a Good Local Economy

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing: Anchoring a Good Society

In January 2016 Rochdale Boroughwide Housing's elected Representative Body decided the Society should play a key local anchor institution role. Following that decision the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) examined RBH's current commitment as an anchor. This article summarises their findings.